1. Booking request.

You can use internet or call us at our numbers to make a reservation request..

2. Booking.

When you make a request by phone or via internet you will receive shortly an e-mail automatically sent by the system in response to receiving the request made by you.

3. Booking confirmation

After that our staff has processed your request we will send you an email about the availability of requested accommodation.

4. Payment.

A. Security deposit.

With the confirmation of the reservation, you will receive a quote for the period of stay you require. The amount of the security deposit for the budgeted stay is the 30% of the total and must be paid within 14 days from the receipt of the booking confirmation. The reservation will be effective after the successful completion of payment of the deposit by the agreed mode via email or phone. Only at this point you will receive an e-mail certifying the actual validity of the reservation.

B. Balance.

The rest of the amount must be paid two weeks in advance of your arrival. For booking within the two weeks the total amount must be paid on confirmation; the lack of payment within the due terms will result in the cancellation of the booking after having contacted the holder of the reservation. in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

5. Cancellation by the customer.

The customer may have the need to cancel the booking, this is possible but entails costs that vary depending on the timing of cancellation.

6. Complaints.

We are committed to satisfy the needs of the customer before and during this/her stay for this reason, we ask you to promptly notify us of any problems / issues that you can highlight: We will act promptly to find a solution, as soon as possible.

7. Responsibility

Klubhouse assumes no liability for personal injury or damage to property belonging to guests and is not responsible for any damage, loss of property or money during the guest stay.

8. Pets

Pets of the guests may come inside the camp, provided of the adequate health certificate; They must be kept on a leash or in any case so as not to cause damage or nuisance to other guests and must be guaranteed by the owner all the safety and hygiene conditions.

9. Hours of Assignment or Return of tents.

Tents must be vacated by 11:00 am of the day of departure; if the guest stay is to be extended beyond that period, having the flight or the ferry in the evening, we will assign a courtesy tent until the moment of the guest departure. The counting of days of stay will be charged per night regardless the time of arrival. The tents will be allocated on arrival day, within the 14 ,00.

Customers must leave the tents, at the end of the stay, in the original conditions of integrity. Any damage and / or subtractions caused to the curtains, the furniture or the structure equipment must be paid by the tenant who caused them


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