-An invitation to CONVIVIALITY -

common room

This structure is divided into two areas hosting the cooking area, where our employees thanks to your cooperation (corvee), are working to prepare and serve the meals of the days. In fornt of that there is the common room where you can consume drinks and foods; in this whole area it is strictly forbidden to smoke.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The european breakfast is served as a buffet , between the 8.00 and 9.30, and includes a variety of jams, fruit, coffee, tea and milk but also breads, meats and cheeses, for lovers of salty.

Lunch, is served at h: 13.30 and h: 14.30.

At lunch you can find various kinds of salads, vegetables, seasonal fruits and hot and cold dishes. Lunch is served with still water.

Dinner is served at h: 20.00 and includes, as lunch, hot and cold dishes, salads, vegetables, fruit or sweets.White and red wine and still water are served with dinner.

The variety of fresh vegetables (zero km) and cooked Italian dishes, are included in the buffet. They can satisfy the different eating habits of our guests.

NOTE: If you are uncomfortable or you have any problem with the foods or any other special need, please notify us at the time of the reservation so that we can guarantee a dedicated service.

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