- Thinked for all -

Our proposals

Our different accommodations are designed for a sporty and dynamic young public who love to travel and have fun socializing, or prefer to relax on the beach, who wants to pull the plug out of the work bustle even for a weekend or for a longer period .We are oriented to satisfy people loving contact with nature but even with few small comforts. Our different outfits are aimed to satisfy the most different . Furthermore all our deals are inclusive of full board or half board, giving you a chance to have more time to devote to yourself and to your holiday.
If you are on the go

- If you are passing through -

Open Tend

This solution is designed to meet tourists travel each year through our island and need to stay for a few days and then leave to another destination but also for people having already their tent.

The offer includes: Pitch tent max.4 post. + Full board or half bord.
Note: Can not be sold separately..

- some additional comforts -


Designed for people who love contact with nature without sacrifing the little comforts.The interior space of the tent and the beds make you camping experience very different from the usual one.

Preparation:Tent, with sockets and light, two beds with mattress and mattress cover included.

Note: It is advisable to bring along a sleeping bag and a flashlight.

- Some additional space -


Dedicated to people who like camping and want to travel with a lighter baggage this preparation offers more space and more comfort, paying attention to the needs of those who make outdoor tourism.

Preparation:Tent two beds with mattress and mattress cover included, shelf, table with two chairs, light and sockets.

Note: it is recommended that you bring with you a sleeping bag and a flashlight.

- With your Fiends -

4 friends

Our biggest tent designed for groups of friends who love the conviviality, who want to enjoy and share in a young and dynamic environment.

Equipment:Tent, 4 beds, single mattresses with mattress covers, sockets and lighting, table and 4 sedie.

Note: it is recommended that you bring with you a sleeping bag and a flashlight.

Note: All of our accommodations include full board or half board.

Is possible to stay at our place only by purchasing one of our proposal.
Note:it is strictly forbidden to light fires or use a gas stove in the pine forest “as protected.”

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