Santa Lucia

The fine white sand coastline juts out into the blue sea, clear and crystalline, with sloping seabed, ideal for bathing and swimming. Between the village and the beach it stretches a large pine forest where you can pleasantly take pic-nick. In the afternoon hours, when the summer heat is felt, it becomes an ideal place where one gets the impression that time, marked by mild seasonal changes related to the particular climate, it has stopped some twenty years ago. The area is often beaten by the winds, so the beach is very popular and frequented by surfers. There are also several rocky coves with shallow waters and rich marine life, close to the beach.

La Caletta

It is located near the homonymous village, with easy access to the beach. The coastline stretches for a few kilometers to the famous pond of Su Graneri and is characterized by a clear and soft sand. The beach is bordered by pine trees and is often beaten by the winds. For this reason, among other services, we are also offering on-site water sports, including kite surfing and windsurfing. The sea is blue, transparent and clear, and has shallow waters and always soft sand.The beach offers several services: there is accessibility for the disabled ones and there is also an ample parking. Finally you can rent sunshades, recliners and paddle boats.

Capo Comino

The Beach of Capo Comino in Siniscola is surrounded by pink rocks and consists of a turbulent system of dunes dotted by many junipers, behind which lie the Salineddda and Salina Manna ponds, where habitually dwell herons and pink flamingos. The coast has white limestone sand, shallow water and is washed by a crystalline sea, trasparent ranging from turquoise to blue cobalto.From the Capo Comino lighthouse you can enjoy the panorama of the beach.The services available on the beach are a large pay parking and a bar.


The beach has fine light gray sand and is bathed by the crystalline sea, the color of which varies between green and turquoise. It is several kilometers long and is bordered on the south by the oasis of Bidderosa. It is a great place for walking on paths long up to several kilometers, which provide insight into a landscape rich in scents and colors of the Mediterranean, along a shoreline dotted by several undertones.It is surrounded by junipers, some of which are quite old and form a curious natural huts, it looks like a enchanted and magical place to spend days devoted to sea life in relax and serenity .The services offered are a kiosk-cafe, bathing equipments, canoes and paddle boats. There is also a large pay parking obtained on a dried pond.

Bidderosa Oasis

The oasis is subdivided into five portions, and it is characterized by a white sand bottom and the end of the most beautiful in all of Sardinia. The presence of sea lilies and some granite rock outcropping from the water and from the shoreline, create a real lovely scenery. The beach is literally surrounded by greenery, with a polychromy due to the lush vegetation expertly curated by men belonging to the State Forestry Corps. This paradise, looks out into a sea exceedingly beautiful, shallow water and sandy and a color that embraces the different shades from emerald green to blue, and turquoise.The beach is managed with limited access: every day, during the summer period, only 130 cars can get access , for an amount which aims mainly to finance the activities of protection of this charming.

San Giovanni

St. John is overlooking the Gulf of Posada with a long white sandy beach. The crystal clear waters invites tourists to an immediate dip in the warm sun of Sardinia.
Saint John is an uncrowded beach perfect for families liking relax and calm. Also in the vicinity of the beach, in front of Monte Longu, there is a pond where for several years nesting flamingos and herons that can be admired all year. There are also the willows, the white poplars, the tamerices, the reeds and the eucalyptuses.

su tiriarzu

Here the coast is large, with medium-fine sand and light, mixed with some shells. The water is blue and clear with the sea bottom sandy and not deep, where sometimes you can find small shoals of poseidonie beached.There the nature is solitary and wild. Behind the beach there is a pine forest, that offers a refreshing breeze in the hot days of summer. Next to it there are the ponds of Tondu and Longu, inserted in the Regional Nature Reserve because this is the habitat of several species of birds such as flamingos, which here meet the sea.The Beach has received 5 blue flags and is rich in services such as a large car park,a campsite, a café, a restaurant bar and a place where you can rent sunshades, recliners and paddle boats.

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